The first strategic and appropriate step towards civil services (IAS) preparation is to choose the suitable optional out of bunch of optional subjects provided by the UPSC.

Which is the superior optional? What kind of characteristics that an optional must have to crack IAS? These questions torment every serious candidate.

The optional must fulfill following objectives to be an ideal optional.

    High scoring at least 300 marks out of 500 to ensure good rank.

     Moderate syllabus.

    Easy availability of books and material.

    Suitable for science and other discipline students.

    Coaching/Guidance availability

    Easy and interesting to study.

    Complementary role/good link with G.S.

Why Geography?

    Befitted optional subject for social science and science students in general and engineering streams in particular.

    One of the popular optional, around 25% candidates getting ranks with Geography every year.

    Maximum scoring and good material availability.

    It can play an ideal complementary role vis-à-vis General Studies and helps in maximum score G.S.

Why to join CSB IAS Academy?

The Geography Optional program is prepared by   M.Gangadhara Rao, a Master Degree holder in Geography and remote sensing; proficient teacher; attending UPSC interview three times with Geography as optional. He is also Subject Matter Expert in many G.S areas. Hence, he is conscious of MULTI-DISCIPLINARY ROLE of geography optional.  In fact, it is gratuity and most beneficial for the students who attended the geography program in CSB IAS Academy.


        Our 9 commitments:

  1. Entire syllabus coverage within stipulated time period.
  2. Meticulously prepared notes will be given.
  3. Exam for every week with proper evaluation and feedback.
  4. Discussion of last ten (10) years previous papers.
  5. Unique “SCORE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM as lagniappe. It includes  i) Focus 100 vital topics in the class with model answers ii) One week map pointing and efficient answer writing practice classes.
  6. Holistic teaching aided by digital technology.
  7. Focus and not lose the sight of G.S related areas while teaching Geography optional so as to harness it potential complementary role.
  8. Total syllabus teaches in modules based on linkages.
  9. Target 330 – 350 marks in Geography optional.